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About Crystal River

A gem in Florida's coastal crown, the beautiful city of Crystal River provides residents with access to one of the state's most outstanding waterways and ample opportunities for swimming, diving, snorkeling, boating, fishing, wildlife viewing, and Eco-Tours. The gentle and pristine waters of the Crystal River invite visitors and residents alike to enjoy the splendors available in the surrounding natural area. Many are attracted to the simple way of life that Crystal River offers. Home to little more than 3,000 residents, Crystal River is situated around the mouth of King's Bay, a spring fed inlet that is home to more than 400 manatees. Because of the city's unique location, Crystal River is the self-professed "Home of the Manatee."

The History Of Crystal River

Humans have lived along the banks of the Crystal River since long before the first Europeans arrived to the shores of the New World. The pristine waters gave refuge to ancient civilizations. Today, signs of these people are being continually uncovered and excavated at the Crystal River State Archaeological Site.

Crystal River's most recent chapter began over 100 years ago when William Turner arrived and settled at Cedar Grove, located just north of Crystal River. Today, the site of his home is known known as Red Level and is nestled between the Withlacoochee River and Crystal River.

The area expanded in the early 1900s as the Crystal River became the new site for a thriving milling industry. The area was sought after for its extensive cedar harvest and was of particular value to the Dixon Pencil Company.

Throughout the 20th century, the area grew in popularity as a resort and fishing destination for visitors. Today, the area continues to be a popular tourist destination and is supported by a small community of approximately 3000 residents.

Life In Crystal River

Residents of Crystal River enjoy life in a small town with world-class recreation. Additionally, the beautiful city is home to fantastic schools, excellent shopping, exquisite local seafood, accessible fresh produce, and much more.

Going with the flow isn't for everyone. However, if a laid back lifestyle in a pristine river community appeals to you, then you have come to the right place. For more information about homes in Crystal River, contact Cindy Frank today. Don't let the opportunity to live in paradise pass you by, contact Cindy Frank.

Parks And Recreation

Tubing Within Crystal River one will find abundant opportunities for outdoor recreation. The gorgeous natural areas lend themselves to an array of water activities. Additionally, the water rich area is home to six parks and two boat ramps that make enjoying the outdoors that much easier for Crystal River residents.

Located close to the small city is the scenic Crystal River Preserve State Park and the Crystal River Archaeological State Park. The natural areas abut the area's most precious resource, the Crystal River. The river is a six mile long, meandering waterway that is fed by more than 30 natural springs. The waterway flows gently into Kings Bay, where it connects to the Gulf of Mexico. Residents of the Crystal River area are fortunate to be offered an impressive host of aquatic activities through their access to the local bay, river, and springs. Diving, boating, water skiing, swimming, snorkeling, fishing, and tubing are just some of the many popular water activities.

Area Parks And Natural Areas

  • Homosassa State Park
  • Hunter's Springs Park
  • King's Bay Park
  • Little Springs Park
  • LeGrone Park
  • Copeland Park
  • Yeoman's Park
  • Fort Island Trail Beach
  • Fort Island Trail Park Three Sisters Springs
  • King's Bay

Attractions And Activities

Manatee Crystal River is filled with so much to see and do. Fishing, wildlife watching, and swimming are just a handful of the area's many outdoor activities. Life in Crystal River is about taking the time to observe nature. After all, Crystal River is known as being the "Gem of Florida's Nature Coast." Golf courses, state parks, and waterways galore, give rise to many opportunities for outdoor recreation. Wildlife tours, canoeing, kayaking, snorkeling and scuba diving are just a few of the many ways that residents get out and experience the multifaceted beauty present in the Crystal River area.

The Crystal River area, including Kings Bay, is home to more than 400 manatees during the winter. Visitors from all over come to Crystal River to watch, swim, and interact with the gentle sea cows.

The city of Crystal River also boasts a quaint downtown area with an array of speciality shops, delightful restaurants and bars. Nestled only blocks from the waterfront, the charming downtown area is home to some of the town's most historic architecture. Additionally, downtown is also where you will experience the city's many events and festivals that take place throughout the year.
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